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Fresh Coffee Scented Candle

Fresh Coffee Scented Candle


This fragrance begins with a sweet and indulgent combination of sugarcane and whipped cream, evoking a sense of sugary delight. As the fragrance develops, milky notes and roasted coffee bean emerge, creating a comforting and cozy aroma reminiscent of a delicious coffeehouse treat. The base notes of vanilla crème, oak, sandalwood, and anise add depth and warmth, leaving a lingering and inviting trail. Together, these notes create a rich and creamy scent that is both comforting and enticing, enveloping you in a sweet and aromatic embrace.

Dimensions N/A

200 mL, 400 mL

Burn Time

40 Hours (200 ml), 70 Hours (400 ml)

Top Notes

Sugarcane, Whipped Cream

Mid Notes

Milky Notes, Roasted Coffee Bean

Base Notes

Vanilla Crème, Oak, Sandalwood, Anise


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