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Creme Caramel Scented Candle

Creme Caramel Scented Candle


This fragrance begins with the comforting and nutty aroma of almond, instantly creating a sense of warmth and familiarity. As the fragrance develops, creamy milk and butter notes emerge, adding a smooth and indulgent quality. The base notes of vanilla and sweet caramel provide a delightful sweetness and richness, reminiscent of a delectable dessert. Together, these notes form a harmonious blend that is creamy, comforting, and irresistibly sweet. The fragrance envelops you in a cozy and nostalgic ambiance, evoking feelings of comfort and satisfaction.

Dimensions N/A

100 mL, 200 mL

Burn Time

28 Hours (100 ml), 40 Hours (200 ml)

Top Notes


Mid Notes

Creamy Milk, Butter

Base Notes

Vanilla & Sweet Caramel


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