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Salted Caramel Scented Candle

Salted Caramel Scented Candle


This fragrance is a delectable and indulgent treat for the senses. The top notes offer a delightful combination of sweet buttery aromas with a hint of salt, creating a mouthwatering sensation. In the middle, creamy caramel, luscious coconut, and irresistible candied pecan notes come together, evoking the richness of a decadent dessert. The base notes bring warmth and comfort with the sweet essence of vanilla sugar, the comforting aroma of toasted tonka, and the creamy allure of condensed milk. This fragrance is a true favorite, captivating with its irresistible gourmand blend.

Dimensions N/A

100 mL, 200 mL

Burn Time

28 Hours (100 ml), 40 Hours (200 ml)

Top Notes

Sweet Butter, Salty Nuances

Mid Notes

Cream Caramel, Coconut & Candied Pecan

Base Notes

Vanilla Sugar, Toasted Tonka & Condensed Milk


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